Gatwick VapourBlasting specialises in Vapourblasting and Ultrasonic Cleaning, for Automotive, Motorcycle, Engineering & Aerospace applications.

Vapourblasting, is the non-aggressive removal of dirt and corrosion from metal components. Other blasting methods remove the surface material from the components which can alter their dimensions. Vapour Blasting leaves the underlying component completely intact.

Vapour blasting uses Water, Fine Glassbead and Compressed air to clean components. Its a safe, non abrasive method of cleaning components. This leaves the part with a smooth satin finish - just like new !.

What can we do ?

Car Parts - Heads, Carburettors, Manifolds, Pistons, Suspension Parts ... and much more.

Motorcycle Parts - Cylinders, Crankcases, Heads, Cylinder Barrels ... and much more.

Antiques - Brass pieces, Bronze castings, Aluminium ... and much more.

Aerospace Parts - Casings, Fins, Housings ... and much more.

Engineering Parts - CNC Parts - Deburrs and gives an even satin finish.