VapourBlasting - Vapourblasting of Car, Motorcycle, and Motorcycle Components

Endless Applications...

The Advantages of VapourBlasting :

  • Does not dimensionally change components, so can be used to fine tolerance surfaces such as bearings and carburettors, metering valves.

  • Easily removes dirt such as carbon deposits, corrosion, paint and scale.

  • Is not as aggressive as dry-sand blasting, which leaves a rough “open” surface.

  • Creates a uniform satin finish.

  • Stops corrosion due to reducing porosity.

Applications include :

  • Automotive : Cylinder Heads, Carburettors, Inlet Manifolds, Cylinder Blocks.

  • Engineering : Removal of machining marks, surface preparation for coating, anodising & plating

  • Motorcycle : Forks, Swingarm Castings, Gearbox Casing, Frames.

  • Aviation : Hydraulic Components, Aluminium Castings, Engine Components.


Whether its restoring alloy parts on vehicles to superfinishing engineering components, VapourBlasting is the ONLY safe method that gets the result every time.

We are the experts with the right industrial machines to be able to prepare, process and inspect components for the right finish everytime.